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Esa Khatiwada’s Blog: I like to share my personal interests through my blog. A music enthusiast, an anthophile, and a movie lover, she enjoys every moment of her life.

In addition to that, this movie reviewer also work as a content writer at KPO and Company Pvt. Ltd. You can read my articles here, https://trendingpal.com/author/esakhatiwada

Esa Khatiwada’s Blog will let you to know her in detail. Keep visiting the website to discover her more.

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Esa Khatiwada's Blog lets you her as a plant lover
Esa Khatiwada's Blog will let you know her as a movie lover
Esa's interests in life is making music.

Let’s be honest. Having plants in our lives and in our homes is the most extraordinary thing ever. The second best thing is bragging about it on website. 

There’s no such thing as over-researching when it comes to your green babies. Do what you feel you must do to properly care for your gorgeous growing plants. 

Firstly, Esa love plants more than anything in her life. You will get to learn the plants that she has planted and give tips on how to care them through Esa Khatiwada’s Blog.

If someone were to ask me something that I love in this world, some of the completely obvious things would be my family. That’s a little bit of a no brainer. But one thing that I do love is movies. The first movie that I remember watching was Maitighar.

 I prefer thrillers, suspense, and horror films. In this Esa Khatiwada’s blog, you will see me posting the reviews of movies I have watched. Keep visiting my website.

There’s something about the ukulele that just makes you smile. It makes you let your guard down. It brings out the child in all of us. 

My ukulele brings me calm and peace. She comforts me every time. My sisters and I gave it a nickname, “Tippy.” Esa Khatiwada’s Blog will feature some of my songs as well.